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The memory system has become extremely important. Memory is slow, and this is the primary reason that computers don’t run significantly faster than they do. In large-scale computer installations such as the building-sized systems powering,, and the financial sector, memory is often the largest dollar cost as well as the largest consumer of energy. Consequently, improvements in the memory system can have significant impact on the real world, improving power and energy consumption, performance, and/or dollar cost. Moreover, many of the problems we see in the memory system are cross-disciplinary in nature – their solution would likely require work at all levels, from applications to circuits.

MEMSYS is a new kind of conference, focusing on the field of memory systems, founded to showcase interesting ideas that spark conversations between disparate groups – to get applications people and operating systems people and compiler people and system architecture people and interconnect people and circuits people to talk to each other about the challenges facing our field. We just had our second successful meeting in Old Town, Alexandria near Washington DC, with 110 attendees versus 95 last year, so we are happy to see it growing. The conference was organized in one single track including 20-minute paper presentations for both short and full research papers. We enjoyed two and a half days of excellent paper presentations, lively panel discussions, a Hardware Keynote by J. Thomas Pawlowski (Micron) and a Software Keynote by Richard Vuduc (Georgia Tech), and finished up with a spectacular Awards Ceremony.. See below for details of some of the award winners. More than 25% of the attendees were from Europe and Asia, and because we had multiple requests to expand there, we have decided to hold our inaugural European meeting in Frankfurt am Main this June, immediately following ISC (21–23 June 2017). If you are interested in either MEMSYS Europe 2017 (June) or MEMSYS 2017 (October), please visit the conference website at www. for more information. We look forward to seeing you in Frankfurt!
Bruce Jacob & Kathy Smiley, Conference Organizers

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UPMEM is a young startup based in Grenoble, France building an innovative solution that drastically improves the performance of data-intensive algorithms in the data centre. The Processing-In-Memory solution developed by the company is combining DRAM and hundreds of processing units, to enable massively parallel processing of data with unbeatable bandwidth and latency. The technology has been evaluated for multiple use cases such as genomics, column-oriented databases, artificial intelligence and web analytics, showing double-digit performance improvements over conventional solutions.


Jef Roy, UPMEM COO and co-founder (centre) with Kathy Smiley and Bruce Jacob, conference organizers